Authentic Puerto Rican Cuisine


Wepa! Is a Shout of Joy and Celebration in Puerto Rico and what we aim is to have our guests shout as they enjoy the fine cuisine of the crown jewel of the Caribbean.

We welcome you to the Treasure Valley's only Puerto Rican food paradise, celebrating the vast diversity and vibrant culture of Puerto Rico's history. Influences from a mix of Spanish, Taino Indian and Afro-Caribbean influences will fill the air with the aroma of Cocina Criolla with an emphasis on Puerto Rican spices and herbs.

A portion of our profits will be donated back to Puerto Rican relief efforts as it continues to recover from Hurricane Maria. We invite our guests to join in these relief efforts. Please go to "Our Cause" for more information.


Sunday: 11:30am - 8pm
Monday: Closed
Tuesday - Thursday: 11:30am - 8pm
Friday - Saturday: 11:30am - 9pm


Sunday: Weather Permitting
Monday: Closed
Tuesday - Saturday: Weather Permitting


Tuesday - Friday: 4pm - 6pm 


WEPA! offers full catering services from 20-200 (or More!) Breakout from the same routine and we'll customize an Authentic Puerto Rican menu for your parties, special events or celebrations of any kind. We can work with any budget or dietary needs.

Please contact us so we can put together the perfect menu to suit your occasion and budget.

Our Cause

In September 2017, the island of Puerto Rico was decimated by Hurricane Maria, a Category 5 storm unleashing winds in excess of 150 mph. The damage was catastrophic resulting in nearly 3000 deaths. By most accounts, it will take years for the island to fully recover including an entire rebuilding of power grids, water systems, roads and roofs.

As part of our social conscience mission, we are proud to partner with PRoTechos, a non-profit corporation based in Puerto Rico, (, founded with the dual mission of rebuilding damaged roofs in underserved communities while providing residents with basic carpentry training, addressing both housing needs and the shortage of skilled construction workers in Puerto Rico.

Wepa will be donating 5% of annual net profits and we invite you to join the cause by going to their website, learning more and donating to this very worthy cause.

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